Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Team Spirit, 1987

  photo 2-28-2012_091.jpg
 Me, as a Sgt E-5, HHB, 3d Bn, 49th FA.  1987. South Korea.

These are all photographs from the 1987 Team Spirit exercise in South Korea, which I took way back when. The same photos are already up in the form of a slide show, but in looking back at them, I found them a bit difficult to really enjoy that way, so today, April 3, 2015, I'm reposting them in this fashion, with a bit more information.

 photo 2-28-2012_101.jpg
M577 armored vehicles, which at that time were used for Tactical Operations Centers and Fire Direction Control for artillery batteries.

 photo 2-28-2012_102.jpg

 photo 2-27-2012_029.jpg

 photo 2-28-2012_097.jpg
8 in. artillery battery, in field, but not quite formed up for action.

 photo 2-28-2012_096.jpg
M577s in field.

  photo 2-28-2012_099.jpg
8 in artillery battery, with M110 howitzer in center, in cabbage field.

 photo 2-28-2012_098.jpg
Almost a pretty bad accident.

 photo 2-27-2012_016.jpg
South Korean M38A1 with a recoiless rifle mount.

 photo 2-27-2012_021.jpg
South Korean troops in 6x6 truck.

 photo 2-27-2012_020.jpg

 photo 2-27-2012_037.jpg
U.S. HumVeh, which at that time were brand new.

 photo 2-27-2012_013.jpg
Our unit's M88 tank retriever.

 photo 2-27-2012_009.jpg

 photo 2-28-2012_090.jpg
South Korean M48 ("Patton") tank.

 photo 2-27-2012_011.jpg
South Korean armored column.

 photo 2-28-2012_092.jpg
A 155mm artillery battery in the field.

 photo 2-27-2012_030.jpg
Our tent at the South Korean Experimental Pig Farm.

 photo 2-28-2012_094.jpg

 photo 2-27-2012_012.jpg

 photo 2-28-2012_103.jpg

 photo 2-28-2012_108.jpg

 photo 2-28-2012_095.jpg
Armored crane.
 photo 2-27-2012_038.jpg South Korean Army band.

  photo 2-27-2012_023.jpg
  photo 2-27-2012_039.jpg

  photo 2-27-2012_028.jpg
 Typical South Korean terrain.

 photo 2-28-2012_105.jpg
 Blackhawk helicopter.
  photo 2-27-2012_004.jpg

 photo 2-28-2012_104.jpg
 Partial exposure at the end of the film roll, something we don't experience anymore.
  photo 2-28-2012_109.jpg

 photo 2-27-2012_036.jpg

  photo 2-27-2012_034.jpg
  photo 2-27-2012_033.jpg

  photo 2-28-2012_093.jpg
 South Korean guard post at the end of our Camp Humphry's area.

 photo 2-28-2012_111-1.jpg
 Packing up, post exercise.

 photo 2-28-2012_106.jpg

  photo 2-28-2012_108.jpg

  photo 2-28-2012_100.jpg
 Guard duty.

 photo 2-27-2012_017.jpg
 Turkish soldier's memorial.

  photo 2-27-2012_010.jpg
 Me again.


  1. Love your pics. I was there in 1987, in Pohang with 1St LAAD. Man what memories...

    1. I'll bet! My future wife fell hard for a Marine from HMM-163. When Team Spirit was over and she came back from her deployment to Pohang I threw caution to the wind and made an honest woman of her(LOL). No complaints three decades later so my last duty station at the 2nd ID and Team Spirit '87 made a lasting impact on my life.

  2. Remember it well. 25th ID came over from Hawaii and the messhalls in the 2nd ID were overflowing. The girls in the ville headed off to Pohang and Pusan in February to give the Navy and Marines their brand of Korean hospitality. Our AO was Wonju and we didn't roll out until early March and ended in early April. Must have been nice to sleep in tents!

    1. I used to have a t-shirt I picked up there that said "OB: The beer that made Wonju famous."