Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The heavy iron at Ft. Carson, 1986

Armor and artillery, some then current, and some very much not so, at Ft. Carson, Colorado, in 1986. I was just passing through the base just because.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Team Spirit, 1987

  photo 2-28-2012_091.jpg
 Me, as a Sgt E-5, HHB, 3d Bn, 49th FA.  1987. South Korea.

These are all photographs from the 1987 Team Spirit exercise in South Korea, which I took way back when. The same photos are already up in the form of a slide show, but in looking back at them, I found them a bit difficult to really enjoy that way, so today, April 3, 2015, I'm reposting them in this fashion, with a bit more information.

 photo 2-28-2012_101.jpg
M577 armored vehicles, which at that time were used for Tactical Operations Centers and Fire Direction Control for artillery batteries.

 photo 2-28-2012_102.jpg

 photo 2-27-2012_029.jpg

 photo 2-28-2012_097.jpg
8 in. artillery battery, in field, but not quite formed up for action.

 photo 2-28-2012_096.jpg
M577s in field.

  photo 2-28-2012_099.jpg
8 in artillery battery, with M110 howitzer in center, in cabbage field.

 photo 2-28-2012_098.jpg
Almost a pretty bad accident.

 photo 2-27-2012_016.jpg
South Korean M38A1 with a recoiless rifle mount.

 photo 2-27-2012_021.jpg
South Korean troops in 6x6 truck.

 photo 2-27-2012_020.jpg

 photo 2-27-2012_037.jpg
U.S. HumVeh, which at that time were brand new.

 photo 2-27-2012_013.jpg
Our unit's M88 tank retriever.

 photo 2-27-2012_009.jpg

 photo 2-28-2012_090.jpg
South Korean M48 ("Patton") tank.

 photo 2-27-2012_011.jpg
South Korean armored column.

 photo 2-28-2012_092.jpg
A 155mm artillery battery in the field.

 photo 2-27-2012_030.jpg
Our tent at the South Korean Experimental Pig Farm.

 photo 2-28-2012_094.jpg

 photo 2-27-2012_012.jpg

 photo 2-28-2012_103.jpg

 photo 2-28-2012_108.jpg

 photo 2-28-2012_095.jpg
Armored crane.
 photo 2-27-2012_038.jpg South Korean Army band.

  photo 2-27-2012_023.jpg
  photo 2-27-2012_039.jpg

  photo 2-27-2012_028.jpg
 Typical South Korean terrain.

 photo 2-28-2012_105.jpg
 Blackhawk helicopter.
  photo 2-27-2012_004.jpg

 photo 2-28-2012_104.jpg
 Partial exposure at the end of the film roll, something we don't experience anymore.
  photo 2-28-2012_109.jpg

 photo 2-27-2012_036.jpg

  photo 2-27-2012_034.jpg
  photo 2-27-2012_033.jpg

  photo 2-28-2012_093.jpg
 South Korean guard post at the end of our Camp Humphry's area.

 photo 2-28-2012_111-1.jpg
 Packing up, post exercise.

 photo 2-28-2012_106.jpg

  photo 2-28-2012_108.jpg

  photo 2-28-2012_100.jpg
 Guard duty.

 photo 2-27-2012_017.jpg
 Turkish soldier's memorial.

  photo 2-27-2012_010.jpg
 Me again.

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