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Sunday, July 21, 2013

An Albany County High Country Homestead

 Note the horses in the abandoned barn.

This homestead is clearly a 20th Century homestead, and quite near the one pictured in the thread immediately below.  It has a surprising number of outbuildings so the ranch that was headquartered here must have employed some cowboys in addition to the employing the rancher and his family.

Both of the homestead pictured in these two thread are quite high altitude, and were probably late homesteads.

A 1910 Homestead

A high country homestead in the Laramie Range, in Albany County.  A  sign indicates that the homestead was filed in 1910, which would explain the high altitude nature of the homestead.  This one must have been occupied until fairly recently, nad might still be during part of the year given the modern plate steel sign.  At least one of the outbuildings appears to probably date from at least as recently as the 1950s.

Northern Albany County and Southern Converse County.

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