Friday, September 6, 2013

Pontiac Super Chief

Very nicely preserved Pontiac Super Chief in the lot this morning.  My goodness, two door cars were big back in the day!

On road, Off road, BMW

 This is a BMW motorcycle, with the classic horizontally opposed BMW engine, that's designed for on road and off road use.  Pretty neat motorcycle, I see a few around here and there, and last year saw one being used by a touring motorcyclist who carried camping gear, which is pretty much what BMW had in mind when they designed this motorcycle.

Cafe Racer

I don't own a motorcycle myself but I retain a fondness for them from when I was young and thought I wanted one.  So on occasion, when I run across an interesting one, I'll snap its photo, probably, as with here, with my Iphone's camera.

This is a Triumph cafe racer.  You don't see cafe racers often, and this is a nice one.