Thursday, December 6, 2018

Some Gave All: Musee de la Grande Guerre, Meaux France

Some Gave All: Musee de la Grande Guerre, Meaux France: These are scenes from Meaux's Musee de la Grande Guerre, a museum dedicated to the topic of World War One.  The displays here are real...

Saturday, December 1, 2018

Some Gave All: Belleau Wood, France

Some Gave All: Belleau Wood, France:

Belleau Wood, France

These are photographs of the American memorial at Belleau Wood, the site of the epic 1918 battle involving American ground troops for which the Marine Corps is particularly well remembered.  The photographs include the memorial chapel and cemetery, as well as scenes of the battlefield itself.

MKTH photographs

 Lt. J.G. Weeden E. Osborne won the posthumous Medal of Honor for his actions in trying to carry a wounded officer to safety.  Osborne was a dentist assigned to the Marine Corps.

During World War Two a battle was fought at the cemetery and this corner of the monument received a hit from a projectile fired from a tank.  Such projectiles are typically armored piercing, which explains the penetration, but which also explains shy the shell was not explosive.

The famous hunting lodge that was fought over in the Wood.