Friday, September 13, 2013

What a little water will do


  1. Is that an irrigated alfalfa field? Whenever I travel out west, I always wonder if the locals realize how lucky they are to bale hay on a field with a view.

    When I was a kid, there used to be alot of alfalfa grown along the creek bottoms locally, but now most of that cropland grows soybeans, grain sorghum, wheat, and a little corn.

    It always used to irritate me because the deer would stay down on the alfalfa until we got a hard freeze, then they would have a sort of a mini-migration to the upland/ridges in between the creek bottoms. I would watch the weather like a hawk and whenever the first freeze was forecast, I would do all I could to be out there hunting so I could catch the deer coming onto the farm.

    Like clockwork, whenever that first freeze zapped that alfalfa there would be a flood of deer streaming through the woods. And, unless someone saw it firsthand, they usually wouldn't believe me when I told them about it.

    Now, without the alfalfa fields, I see deer year-round, there are a lot more deer, and except for a flurry of activity after the first freeze, I don't get to see those "mini-migrations".

  2. It is indeed an irrigated alfalfa field, outside of Meeteetse. A picture from the other side (lower down) would have been better, but when I passed through the farmer had stopped for lunch, and I didn't want to disrupt him.