Friday, November 15, 2013

Sinclair Cannons

These cannons in Sinclair, Wyoming are proclaimed to be Civil War era cannons which were used by the Sinclair Refinery as safety cannons.  Whether or not they are Civil War era cannons I don't know, as I couldn't read the data on this cannon's muzzle, and I didn't get the chance to look at the muzzle of the other cannon. This cannon is marked at the muzzle, which cannons of that era were.  The wheels are not original to the trails and are not Civil War vintage.

They were undoubtedly used as safety cannons at Sinclair, and muzzle loading cannons were made as late as the early 20th Century for that purpose. The concept was that the cannons could be used to blow holes in oil tanks, in the event of fires, to drain them.  Whether these were ever used for that purpose I don't know, but muzzle loading cannons at the Standard Oil Refinery in Casper were used that way to drain oil tanks during the big fire that occurred at that refinery in the 1920s.

These cannon are decorated for the Christmas Season.

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