Sunday, December 8, 2013

Arctic Cold Front


  1. Is that a load of replacement heifers?

    It hit 20 below here a few years ago, which was the coldest I've ever seen. On that day, it also snowed over 12 inches, the wind blew like crazy and we ended up with 4' deep snow drifts completely across the road. I couldn't get to the barn in the pickup, so I had to walk about a half-mile to get the tractor so I could feed the cattle. Then, when I was chopping a hole in the pond, I accidentally stepped into the hole up to my knee, and had to make a run for the barn and a rocket heater to dry out before I got frostbite.

    After that day, I finally understood what true cold was and "regular" cold doesn't seem to bother me as much anymore.

    I'd still hate to see it that cold on a regular basis. It might get hot here, but the heat won't kill you as easy as the cold.