Saturday, May 14, 2016

Those photos I don't take.

Salt Lake City airport

I have an entire collection of blogs.  Originally, I thought that this one would be the most active, but in fact Lex Anteinternet is by far the most active of them.  This remains, however, where I post my photos, as a rule, unless they are taken for a specific purpose.

Still, I can't help but note that there are a lot of photos a person would suppose I'd take, that I don't.  And there are a couple of places I've gone to a lot, that I don't photograph hardly at all.

Those places are Houston and Salt Lake City.

It's not because I hate Houston and Salt Lake City, its' because, in part, I'm a business traveler and in part, those cities are sort of hard to photograph.

As a business traveler, the places I go to the most are hotels and airports.  Not very exciting. And as a practicing lawyer, what I see to photograph is pretty haphazard.  Sometimes I have extra time and can see something, but a lot of times, if I seem something to photograph, it's because I've gone to that locality for work, or I pass by it on the way to what I'm going to.  Indeed, it was just such an event, in Salt Lake City, that caused the creation of our Churches of the West blog, as I happened to hike by the St. Peter and St. Paul Orthodox Church and took a photo of it with the camera on a really old flip phone I was then using.

Foot traffic actually explains a lot about why I have photographed a lot of things in some cities, and hardly any in others.  I actually have photographed a fair number of churches in Salt Lake City, but some would not that I've never photographed the LDS temple.  I've just never been on foot near it.   By the same token, even though I've been to Salt Lake a lot, I just posted a photo of a Salt Lake courthouse on our courthouse blog for the very first time today.  And I've been to other Utah towns and cities, I'd note, and am equally remiss, sort of.  Just didn't have the chance in a busy work day.

I've been even worse with Houston, but Houston is frankly hard to photograph.  Lots of glass and steel, but I hardly ever walk anywhere very far in Houston. All driving, which makes for bad photographs.

Also making for bad photos is that a lot of photos here are cell phone or compact camera photos.  I like DSLRs and SLRs, but I can't pack those easily.  Recently my wife's old compact Canon died, so recent photos here are cell phone photos. Far less than idea.

Just noting it, FWIW.

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